Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be a massive task for any website owner, fraught with unknown techniques and asap deadlines, you can end up seeing your website doing very little movement at all.

A good SEO company will know what they can deliver, and in doing so will know what they cant deliver. You should never trust any SEO agency that can promise a Google Positioning within X amount of days/months
This is because SEO should resemble a natural process and it is unknown as to how the competition will change within the X amount of months. Usually it will be an SEO sales person that uses these terms, and this is because they do not have the necessary confidence in their work, they need you to sign up asap by giving you empty promises.

If you are a small business looking for SEO work, then we always advise to go with a local consultant as commonly a larger firm will overlook the needs of small businesses.
A problem that was seen not too long ago, which has given SEO agencies a bad name, came from a company called Its Cold Outside. ***News*** It now seems that they are trading under the new name - AddPeople
This was a supposed SEO firm that specialised in small businesses, and I knew a few companies that signed up with them. However it was soon apparent that their service did not match their aggressive outbound sales calls. Many customers were soon complaining that they had paid out lots of money but had seen nothing in return, and this was after 6 months or more. Since then SEO sales has been very tricky as many customers are now aware of this company, but it seems all SEO firms have been tarred with the same brush

Our advice is to always talk to your SEO company and get them to show you what they would be doing for your site. What is likely to improve and make sure they keep in regular contact with them. If you do not see any benefit at all within the first 2-3 months then you should be asking questions as to why
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